The Human Capacity Development Program in Higher Education (HCDP) is an ambitious program that aims to develop human capacities in Kurdistan Region in the field of higher education. An annual KRG budget of one hundred and twenty billion Iraqi dinars IQD (US$100 million) is allocated to the scheme. It provides a fair opportunity for thousands of distinguished young men and women to continue their education in internationally renowned universities. Koya university has actively enjoyed the program which has provided good opportunities to number of our academics to study aboard.

Koya university actively participated in HCDP project and has now engaged 170+ candidates in the program.

At Koya University the concept of Internationalisation is the core of the overall mission and aspiration for rising quality of our education to enable a brighter future for our academic community. Despite all limitation this office strive to enable international connection for wider opportunities that promote the mission of the university as a whole.

پبۆ ئەوانەی داواکاری بەرزدەکەنەوە بۆ خوێندن لە دەرەوەی وڵات، دەبێت هەموو داخوازنامەکان ئەمم پێداویستییانەەی خووارەوە ڕەچاو بکەن:


1. ناسنامەی باری شارستانی

2. رەگەزنامە

3. پاسپۆرت

4. لاری نەبوون شوێنی کار

5. کفالە و وکالە

6. Support letter

7. قرار ضم

8. بریکاری گشتی

9. بەلێنامە

10. پوختەی راژە

11. بروانامە بە نمرە

12. ئۆفەر/ قبول

13. Email

14. ژمارەی مۆبایل