Directorate of Central Library & Museum

Central Library and Museum is a university library with rich records. The library is the heart of academic activities at the university. The library is a natural meeting point on campus and a key agent of information supply at Koya University. The aim is for information resources and services to be integrated with and adapted to research and education at the university. The main targets are group students, researchers and teachers activities at the university. The activities are characterized by continuous development and strong commitment from all employees.

Directorate Function and Mission

As one of the leading research libraries & Museum in the Kurdistan Region, Koya University Library & Museum (IQ-KoUCL) serves the educational and information needs of its students and faculty as well as scholars around the world.

The library connects users to hundreds of scholarly databases with the most comprehensive, specialised, and up-to-date information in their fields, and pursues an active role in educating faculty and students in how to make the best use of these resources. Increasingly, it is prioritising the digitisation of unique materials and collections in order to make them available to any user, any time.

We are keen to provide an excellent service to everyone. If you have any questions or comments please contact the Library Help Desk.


The director of the Library is Mr Kakahan Nasradin Amin

Further Information

Please view directorate website for further information