Publish or perish? - Understanding Science of Academic Publication

Here we provide vital information to understanding the concept of academic publications in general and in particular at Koya University. You will be able to access to Koya University publications and the journal published by Koya University.

Research Publications

The “research publications” is defined as books, book chapters, journal articles and/or conference publications which are the result of research activity, and are characterised by:

  • substantial scholarly activity, as evidenced by discussion of the relevant literature, an awareness of the history and antecedents of work described, and provided in a format which allows a reader to trace sources of the work, including through citations and footnotes

  • originality (i.e. not a compilation of existing works)

  • increasing the stock of knowledge

  • being in a form that enables dissemination of knowledge

Please view the website of Aro, The Scientific Journal of Koya University for more details

Research Activity

The “research activity” is defined as:

  • Creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of human knowledge, and the use of this knowledge to devise new applications.

  • Any activity classified as research which is characterised by originality; it should have investigation as a primary objective and should have the potential to produce results that are sufficiently general for humanity’s stock of knowledge (theoretical and/or practical) to be recognisably increased.

  • Pure basic research, strategic basic research, applied research and experimental development.

Please view the website of PhD Studies Koya University for more details

The peer-review requirements

The publication must have undergone a peer-review process that involves assessment of the publication:

  • in its entirety – not merely an abstract or extract;

  • prior to publication; and

  • by appropriately qualified experts that are independent of the author

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