Directorate of IT (DIT)

IT Services brings together the central computing support services in the University. Collectively they constitute a major resource for the support of teaching, research and administration.

The purpose of IT Services is to create a digital campus in which students and staff can be as creative and productive as possible as they learn, teach, undertake research and run the organisation.

IT Services is currently undergoing a phase of transformation, under the guidance of Vice President for Scientific Affairs, Dr Dilan Majid Rostam.

Directorate Function and Mission

The creation and transformation of the ITD will work to create an IT organisation focused around IT Services' core values:

  • One IT team

  • Enabling proactive education

  • Academic community first

Creating a professional IT service which is client oriented, agile and responsive to the needs of the University.

At IT Services we are continually enhancing the services that we provide. All new IT initiatives begin at the project stage, and remain so until they are implemented for our users. More information about our current projects can be found project section.

We are keen to provide an excellent service to everyone. If you have any questions or comments please contact the DIT Help Desk.


The director of the Library is Mr Nyaz Salah Saber

Further Information

From email and wireless to storage and computer repair, you can find the information you need on directorate website. Find out more about our IT services available for students, staff and visitors at the University by visiting directorate website.

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